Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nothing Created Everything

Ray Comfort and the folks at Living Waters seem fixated on the idea that atheists believe, "nothing created everything." Every few videos they post, every few blogs they write, and every few billboards they put up has the slogan, "nothing created everything, a scientific impossibility." As if Living Waters is relevant in deciding what is scientific or what isn't.

First of all, atheism has nothing to do with the creation of the Universe. It's only a theological position regarding the non-existence of God. It's a bit like accusing Wiccans of believing the world rests on the back of a turtle. The two have little relevance to each other.

Secondly, absolute nothingness doesn't exist. This is plainly obvious by our existence. No one knows if nothingness is even possible for even where we think there is nothing, the fabric of space-time weaves together reality in tight, multi-dimensional knots.

If absolute nothingness doesn't exist, why should one assume the universe came from nothing? Why would you even assume nothing is a default position before existence? This line of thinking makes no sense.

"An atheist believes nothing created everything," is simply a bad strawman argument, easily ignored. Everyone should be suspect when one side says, "My opponent believes..." because, most likely, they don't believe that at all.

So let Living Waters be fixated on their notion that atheists believe nothing created everything. Their words betray their dishonest arguments and only serves to make them look only more foolish.