Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Universal Healthcare is Actually Very Popular in the United States

Despite what the GOP and Fox News would have you think, the American people are overwhelming in support of universal health care and a public option made available by the government. So just how much are the American people in favor of universal health care? You won't believe it.

86 percent of Americans support universal health care. 79 percent are in favor of a public option. These numbers come from a recent poll by the AARP which included Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Not surprisingly, Fox News watchers are woefully misinformed (that's why I'm here!) about the current health care bill. 72 percent think illegal aliens will be covered, 79 percent think health care reform was a government takeover, and 75 percent believe in "death panels" which I debunked in an earlier post.

Link to the poll results.


  1. Just remember keep the government out of my medicare or the VA Hospitals!

    Fox News is such a piece of shit propaganda machine of just plain douchery. I am sad so many people watch it, including my parents. I constantly point out the hypocrisy of it and they just make excuses for it. *sad face*

  2. My favorite are the Pro-Lifers who think it will cover abortion:

    I wish it would. Also, wouldn't mind if abortion was mandatory if it you already have more kids than teeth.

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