Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Challenge to Creationists

Please give an example of an animal (birds, fish, mammals, etc…) that was “created” without any ancestors, and explain what evidence you have of this.

Please remember that The Bible does not count as evidence. Reading from the Bible is unscientific. And yes, just quoting a science textbook is just as unscientific.


  1. What is there left to quote? A science text book is all anyone ever has, unless you expect us to become a paleontologist overnight.
    Does the internet count?

  2. Don't quote anything, give an example, like an elephant, and explain why.

  3. After all, I could say that evolution is true because my science textbook said so but that isn't a good argument, now, is it? I know it's true because I can point to specific studies and evidences to support my claim.

    The creationist claim is that some species were poofed into existence by God, and some have diverged through "micro-evolution." I want to know of a specific animal species that was poofed into existence and what scientific evidence you have to back up this claim.

  4. One last thing, just as a reminder, an animal is classified as a species deriving from the metazoa clade.


  5. Examine the cambrian level and let me know if theres anything before it.